Carmel Remote Desktop Services

Adding Carmel Remote Desktop Resources to Your Windows Computer

It is possible to add Carmel Remote Desktop Services Resources To Your Computer's Start Menu so you don't have go to the Remote Desktop Website everytime you wish to connect. To do this,

1. ) First press the search icon on Windows and type in "RemoteApp"

2. ) This will bring back "RemoteApp and Desktop Connection", click on this.

3. ) On the left hand side, press "Access RemoteApp and Desktops

4. ) Type in your Carmel College Email Address

5. ) On the next screen, you should now be prompted for your Carmel Username and Password, once again enter your Carmel College Email address and your normal network password.

6. ) It will now say that you have successfully connected to Work Resources.

7. ) You will now see Carmel Remote Desktop Services Resources in your Windows 10 Start Menu